Daily life, our life!

At the beginning we would like to say sorry for no posting for actually a very long time! It was very busy time for us, a lot of work, a lot of studying and a lot of family time spent together!

But let’s finally start writing about the main target of this post, which is our daily life, our daily activities, how we usually spend our days together etc. Actually it is a river topic. Some people can think that our life is a little bit monotonous, but it is NOT definately! 

We devide the days into three groups:

  • Free days: days that we both have a lot of free time, no working, no university, we call it- days for ourselves! These days we usually do the strangest, the funniest and the most interesting things in our life ^.^ These days we usually go to the swimming pool and have funny time there, swimming, fooling around etc 🙂 These days are the only days that we can go somewhere out of Poznan, during summer sunbathing at the lakeside, going to parks having some rest there, riding bicycles and so much more things that we think it’s boring to write about ^^ 
  • Michael’s morning shifts: days that Michael goes to his job in the morning and finishes it also early. These days we usually go to cinemas, meet with our friends and hang out in general. Sometimes we don’t go anywhere because eg. Lukas finishes his preschool job in the afternoon. Then we usually cook together a dinner, watch some films etc. actually nothing special, but for us this time is also as beautiful as the free days, because we are together! 
  • Evening shifts: the worst days ever! These days actually there is no time to do anything, why? Because we usually come back home at around 10pm really tired and the only thing that we think about is our bedroom, tv, wine and a good movie! These days we just spend time together at home, enjoying time that we can see each other and be together after a really long day, missing each other! These days Lukas always stays at Michael’s workplace waiting for him, sometimes even 5hours 🙂 but looking at each other sometimes is enough not to feel missing!

There are a lot of people saying us that we behave as a very good and old marriage couple ;o is it true? Maybe! But we like our life and we enjoy every day and every time being together, next to each other! 

Here you have an example of our silly idea ^^ We decided to buy some beauty masks and become handsome haha ^^ how everything finished? Actually nothing has changed on our faces and we didn’t become more handsome ^^ buut we had a great time together, laughing a lot and just fooling around together! 😉 

So guys! Never get bored in your life and in your relationships! Always have a great time with your partner, even it’s nothing special like watching movie, but JUST ALWAYS BE TOGETHER! BE BESTFRIENDS TO EACH OTHER AND LOVES AS WELL! 


LGBT rights in Taiwan!

Taiwan becomes the first Asian country which allows same- sex marriages?

This time I decided to write this post by myself (Lukas), because actually I am really interested in Asian culture, especially in China and Taiwan. I’ve graduated Chinese language and culture studies, so here is the post about my favorite country in the world, which is Taiwan! 🙂

29th October 2016 is a very important date in Taiwanese culture. That time, there was the biggest gay pride in Asia and yeah it took place is Taiwan! I was so shocked, because before that I had no idea that Taiwan is very tolerant. But let’s start from the beginning 🙂

Two months ago I had that possibility to be in Taiwan, Taipei. And that was my dream, which came true! So happy to be there, unfortunately I could go there only on my own, without Michael and yeah it was the worst thing. I spent there 2 weeks without my boyfriend and it was the first time we didn’t see each other for that long time! But yeah people say that it is very good for couples 🙂

When I arrived in Taipei I was so shocked, because I could realize that there is a very big lgbt community. When I was walking around Taipei, talking with Michael by Skype I could see a lot of gay couples walking together, holding their hands, kissing on the streets and yeah for people living there it’s just normal, actually nothing special. Can you imagine that in my country? Religious country which is definitely Poland! Goshhh no way! ^.^ But I was so happy to see this and immediately told to Michael: “Honey, we really need to come here together and maybe move here! Here could be  a heaven for us, no fear anymore” If only we had a job there! If yes, then I think without any words, we just pack our bags and go there!
But what I want to write here in this post is about the pride! (I don’t know why I change topic so easily, so sorry for that but I really want to tell you a lot of things ^.^ )
As everyone knows Asian culture and Asian countries are really restricted and lgbt rights are actually really poor there. But there is a light in the darkness, and that’s Taiwan! Gay pride took place in Taiwan last week and so many people say that since that time, nothing will be the same!

Taiwan government is likely to accept same sex marriages in Taiwan, which makes Taiwan the first country in Asia which gives lgbt couples all their rights in the society! Isn’t it beautiful? Here in Poland, we even don’t have civil unions! Poland which is in Europe, area that people think everyone is so tolerant and everyone has full of their rights!
I hope in my country and in all the rest countries in the world, where lgbt people still can’t legalize their partnerships we will also be so proud like Taiwan and finally we will be able to get marry with our partner! I really hope so it will be real!

We need to believe in better life!

Gay pride logo from 2011

Love lock <3

Love lock, is it a good way to lock the love
inside the padlock?

Not so long time ago, actually it’s almost 2 weeks, exactly 23rd October 2016 we decided to go to the “love bridge” in Poznan. This place is just awesome for couples to express and commemorate their love 🙂
Of course so many people think that it’s just a symbol and yeah, that’s true, but does anyone prohibit hanging the love locks on the bridge? 🙂

Here you can see our love padlock with our names, isn’t it romantic? 🙂 On the other side of the lock there is a date of hanging it on the bridge, img_4153as I said it was 23rd October 2016.
After locking the padlock, we took the keys and threw them away from the bridge to the river. In our opinion it is a very beautiful symbol of locking the lover forever. Since that time, nobody is allowed to break our padlock and nobody is allowed to break our love ❤

Some people think that the love padlocks are actually nonsense, but when we bought the padlock and wrote there our names and date, we felt so lovely and full of love, we don’t know but actually we can’t describe this feeling. It was such a perfect and romantic moment. Since that time we became closer to each other and actually it’s so beautiful that a very small thing like the padlock can change the feelings. Again butterflies in our stomachs, really such a beautiful feeling! 🙂

Our next destination to leave the love lock is Paris for sure and maybe Prague? Paris is the capital city of love so we must go there and we hope it’s going to happen quickly! Maybe next year will smile to us and let us go there? Keep fingers crossed for that! 🙂

What about you? Have you ever leave any love padlocks on a bridge? Do you have that kind of bridge in your country and hometown? We are curious how many couples decide to leave at least one lock anywhere 🙂 Especially we are curious if LGBT+ couples do that? Feel free to leave comment and write us some of your opinions about “LOVE LOCKS” 🙂

We believe in love!
We believe in us! And that’s cool! ❤

Best idea ever…? Maybe :)

It’s time to share our life?

Actually we don’t know if it’s sharing or not. We would like just to tell all of you the story of our life, which sometimes is very specific, funny, interesting and full of surprises.
The idea of making this blog appeared so unexpectedly, based on the situation which happens in Poland and other countries in the world… yes yes yes, we have a mission to change the world? May~Be ^.^
I think we’re going to create this blog because we want to show to other people that happiness and love is possible in every relationship, with no fighting, no shouting etc. We were also inspired by one of the most popular in gay world in Poland vlog and vloggers called KADOTV <—- OPEN THE LINK (sorry guys but everything there is in Polish language)

General intro part is finished and now let’s move on. Let us introduce ourselves, because yeah we are going to be the main topic on this blog “HaHaHa”
As you could realized we are two guys living in Poland in actually one of the most tolerant city in our country, is it true? Hmmm it depends. There are different people, different personalities etc. But in a big general Poznan is actually a good place for LGBT+ people.
Let’s explain our “logo” finally. It’s written Mr&Mr BJ,
As it is not so difficult to guess there are ourMr&amp;Mr BJ last names’ initials. Easy right? 🙂 People call us Michał and Łukasz and these are our names instead…(Michael and Lukas in English, not really sure what is easier to remember for you:) )

We live together already for 8 months so in a while will be our first anniversary 🙂
We are renting our home and we are trying to make a lot of efforts to make our life more and more beautiful just day by day.

Michael works in a coffee shop, actually everyday for thousands hours. Every time he goes there he says how much he doesn’t want to go there, but yeah it is a must. And actually when he is working, all pessimistic minds just fly away. He seems to like his job even sometimes he has no power to get up from the bed and go there 🙂
Lukas works in a preschool and language school. Everyday he goes through all the problems and solutions of growing children up. As much he hates his job, he loves it as well. Even there are a lot of problems, children always know how to make you want to come back to this preschool and play together with all of them.

We hope you are going to enjoy reading our posts and you will give us support and much more motivation to get through the life all the time with a smile 🙂
Actually we love smiling and laughing together 🙂 Maybe one day we are going to record some videos?? We will see…. 😉

Left: Michael                                                                             Right: Lukas